Nothing fairly hits the senses just like the sight, scent, style, and even the sound of cooking a scrumptious, juicy steak. For hardcore purple meat lovers, it may evoke a way of mouthwatering nostalgia that takes you again to a time or place the place you have been seemingly celebrating some special day whereas chowing down on steak so tender, it cuts easy like butter. Maybe when time and your price range permits, chances are you’ll even wish to replicate this previous good meal, recreating your favourite steak dinner within the kitchen at dwelling. However after deciding on the proper minimize of steak and gathering your different elements and accoutrements, there’s nothing worse than realizing your at-home steak dinner falls brief as a result of the meat is hard like an outdated rubber shoe.

In relation to getting ready a top-notch steak, texture—the way it feels as you chunk into it and chew it—is essential. Whether or not you picked up a high-quality steak tenderloin or a budget-friendly flank, everybody desires a tenderized steak, however it’s nonetheless all too straightforward to wind up with chewy, fibrous, fatty bites which might be a brutal exercise on your jaw. So, are there ways in which dwelling cooks can successfully pull off tenderizing a steak with little muss or fuss?

To be taught extra about the most effective methods to tenderize steak, we spoke to skilled cooks and culinary consultants from all walks of life. Learn on to seek out out extra about among the finest methods that will help you tenderize your steak—and for extra ideas that will help you recreate the steak dinner of your desires, be sure you try The Finest & Worst Cuts of Steak—Ranked!

Prep Methods To Tenderize Your Steak

14 Ideas for Tenderizing Steak, Straight from Skilled Cooks

1. Select the best minimize.

“Some cuts of meat are naturally extra tender than others,” Chef Dennis Littley, a classically skilled chef with 40+ years of expertise, tells Eat This, Not That! “Search for cuts labeled “tender” or “selection” to make sure you’re beginning with a superb base. For instance, a fillet is extra tender than a ribeye.”

2. Use an acidic marinade.

“Use an acidic ingredient like vinegar, citrus juice, or wine to melt the connective tissue within the meat,” says Lori Walker, RD, recipe developer, and proprietor of Straightforward Kitchen Information.

“When marinating steak, there must be an acid part to tenderize the steak and break down the muscle fibers of the meat,” says Tony Sudak, an skilled chef de delicacies who at the moment serves as an apprentice butcher for Walden Native Meat Co. “Now, totally different cuts take longer to marinate and break down than others. For instance, marinate a London broil to tenderize it; ideally, it ought to marinate in a single day to work these robust muscle fibers and make them extra tender. Then again, if you wish to marinate a ribeye, that minimize already being on the tender facet should not take practically as lengthy. “

Govt Chef Bin Lu of The Restaurant at Blue Rock in Washington, VA, echoes that recommendation: “Marinating the meat might be efficient earlier than grilling, particularly when you have one thing acidic within the marinade. These might be finished in a single day—however if you happen to’re utilizing one thing like papaya or mango, be sure you solely marinate it the day of.”

It doesn’t matter what elements are used, it is vital that you simply permit sufficient time for the marinade to evenly coat and take up into your meat with out setting too lengthy, as this might lead to overly tender, mushy meat.

“For finest outcomes, it’s best to marinate for no less than 4 hours however not than 24 hours,” says Walker.

“Professional tip: Flip your steak a number of instances whereas marinating to advertise even coating,” provides Alex Reitz, a chef and recipe developer at Beef, It is What’s For Dinner.

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3. Use an acidic rub.

“An acidic rub is one other nice technique to tenderize steak at dwelling with out marinating time,” says Walker. “Combine collectively equal elements oil, vinegar, lemon juice, and seasonings (like garlic powder or chili powder). Rub the combination everywhere in the steak and depart to face for no less than quarter-hour earlier than cooking.”

4. Salt your steak.

salt steak

“Salting the steak earlier than cooking attracts out moisture and breaks down the proteins, tenderizing the meat,” says Chef Dennis. “Sprinkle kosher salt or sea salt over either side of the steak and let it sit at room temperature for about an hour earlier than cooking.”

“I at all times salt my steak rather well and let it sit in a single day—that is my favourite method of tenderizing it,” explains Diana Manalang, chef and proprietor of Little Chef Little Café in New York Metropolis. “It pulls the moisture out of the steak, and as soon as the salt dissolves, it acts as a dry brine for the steak, similar to a dry brine for the turkey.”

One other steak tenderizing approach Walker suggests is making a salt crust, which entails “overlaying your steak with salt and baking it, [as this] may also assist to interrupt down robust fibers within the meat whereas including taste on the similar time.”

“Place your steak on a wire rack inside a baking dish full of coarse salt and bake at 350°F (180°C) for 40 minutes,” Walker advises, when choosing a salt crust to tenderize your steak.

5. Use an enzyme.

“Retailer-bought enzyme merchandise like bromelain or papain can assist to tenderize steak with out including any further taste,” advises Walker. “Merely combine the enzyme with water, rub it onto the steak, and let sit for half-hour earlier than cooking.”

Enzymes which might be identified to assist break down robust proteins (like bromelain, papain, and protease) additionally happen naturally in fruits like pineapple, papaya, and mangoes. “The enzyme papain contained in papaya can assist break down proteins within the steak and make it extra tender,” explains Walker.

“Mangoes might be particularly efficient as a result of they’ve enzymes that may break down meat,” provides Chef Lu.

So if you happen to love vivid flavors and tenderized steak, however are having bother monitoring down particular enzyme-based cooking merchandise in shops, you possibly can at all times go the au naturale route by pureeing these fruits right into a candy but tart marinade.

“Puree recent papaya till you have got a paste, unfold it over the steak, wrap it tightly in plastic wrap and depart for one hour earlier than cooking,” Walker suggests.

6. Soak steak in chilly water.

“Soaking your steak in chilly water for an hour or two can assist to interrupt down robust fibers within the meat, leading to a extra tender texture,” says Walker. “Just be sure you change the water each half-hour to keep away from any micro organism from forming on the steak.”

7. Pound your steak.

tenderizing steak with a mallet

“The go-to method we tenderize steaks on the butcher store is to make use of a instrument known as a Jaccard,” explains Sudak. “This instrument is formatted with three rows of blades that, when pushed down, pierce the meat and minimize up the muscle fibers to make them extra tender,” says Sudak. “The draw back to that is that you simply create extra floor space and, in flip, trigger extra oxygen to get to the meat inflicting it to oxidize sooner.”

“Whereas I choose to tenderize by way of taste, you should use the bodily methodology in case you are brief on time,” says Sudak. “In a pinch, for a shortly tenderized steak, completely use the mechanical tenderizers to make fast work of a more durable steak. (And ideally, the extra taste you possibly can impart right into a steak the higher!)”

“You do not want any particular gear to tenderize steak,” explains Walker. “Merely use a kitchen mallet or different blunt object to hammer the steak.”

“Place the steak on a slicing board, cowl it with plastic wrap, and pound it with a meat mallet to interrupt down the fibers and make it extra tender,” provides Chef Dennis.

“Be sure you cowl the steak with plastic wrap earlier than pounding it, and check out to not pound too arduous or chances are you’ll find yourself with items of robust meat,” Walker advises.

8. Rating your steak.

“If you wish to get inventive, strive scoring your steak with a knife by making shallow cuts within the meat,” suggests Walker. “It will permit marinades or rubs to penetrate deeper into the steak and assist velocity up the tenderizing course of.”

“Ensure to not minimize too deep, or it might trigger your steak to tear when cooking,” she additionally warns.

9. Wait till the steak is at room temperature earlier than cooking.

“One of many best methods to prepare dinner a young steak is to let it get to room temperature earlier than cooking,” explains chef and culinary diet professional Melissa Eboli. “That means, let it sit in your counter for 30-60 minutes to get the coolness out. The reason is that once you put an ice-cold steak on a scorching floor, it would tense up and lead to robust meat. When the steak is thawed out, it is not going to be as excessive once you switch it to the recent floor, leaving it to be extra tender.”

Ideas for Tenderizing Whereas Cooking

cooking steak cast iron

10. Cook dinner steak slowly and use low warmth.

Whether or not utilizing a stovetop, grill, or perhaps a strain cooker, slow-cooking your steak helps to raise and improve the flavour of your meat, whereas additionally making even the hardest cuts of steak a extra juicy, tender, and attractive texture.

“Cook dinner it low and sluggish,” advises Walker. “When potential, go for low-temperature cooking strategies, comparable to braising, sluggish roasting, or stewing. These methods slowly break down the connective tissue in more durable cuts of meat, leading to a extra tender steak.”

In accordance with Manalang, this strategy is very useful when coping with very robust cuts of meat as a result of they “then come out like butter when finished accurately.”

11. Flip conservatively & do not overdo it.

“Do not flip your steak an excessive amount of!” warns Reitz. “One flip is normally all you want, however be certain that to look out for charring or burning and switch down the warmth if essential. It will assist maintain your steak juicy and tender all through the cooking course of!”

12. Use the oven.

“In case you’re brief on time, strive utilizing your oven to tenderize steak,” suggests Walker. “Place the steak on a wire rack inside a baking dish and bake at 350°F (180°C) for 40 minutes. It will assist to melt the robust fibers within the meat with out overcooking it.”

When Your Steak Is Executed


13. Let it relaxation.

“Regardless of which methodology you select, bear in mind to offer your steak time to relaxation after cooking,” says Walker. “It will assist the juices reabsorb into the steak and make it much more tender.”

“As soon as your steak is off the grill, let it relaxation for about 5 minutes to stop the tasty juices from draining onto your plate,” provides Reitz. “The juice helps maintain it tender, so that you wish to be certain that it absorbs into the steak!”

14. Lower steak on a bias.

After permitting your steak to relaxation, it is time to plate! Reducing steak on a bias (that means, with the knife at an angle in relation to the slicing board) is thought to yield a juicer, extra tender steak. However what does this course of actually entail?

“When slicing your steak, minimize throughout the grain, or perpendicular to the path of the fibers, to maximise tenderness,” explains Reitz.

“Additionally, keep away from piercing your beef with a fork at any time whereas carving to stop further drainage. Strive utilizing tongs to carry it as a substitute whereas slicing to protect the juicy goodness!”